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Our Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program at the Jefferson County Historical Society is a vital part of our Museum operations. With ever increasing commitments for utilities, insurance and maintenance, it becomes more difficult for our Society to meet the staffing demands of our museum functions. Your volunteer help allows our staff to accomplish more good work with less time and impact to the museum budget. Volunteer hours are tracked for use as matching resources in grant applications. Volunteers are also invited to two honorary luncheons per year, one in the summer and one in the winter, as a small token of our appreciation for their service to our organization. If you are interested in volunteering, please call 315-782-3491 or visit the Museum during normal hours. Thank you!

Short-Term Opportunities

Events Volunteers - We are actively seeking volunteers to staff our special events. If you're interested in volunteering to assist with events, please contact the Museum at (315) 782-3491 for details.

Standing Volunteer Opportunities

Desk Reception - Available hours Tuesday - Friday 1-5pm. Volunteers in this position answer telephones, greet museum visitors, make museum store sales, and answer patron questions. Training is provided. This position is ideal for volunteers with physical mobility challenges. For detailed information on this opportunity, either visit or contact the Museum 315-782-3491.

Museum Docent - On call. Volunteers in this position guide school and group tours through the museum and answer patron questions. Regular training is required (minimum twice annually). This position requires volunteers to speak clearly and confidently, and be able to manage stairs. To participate in the Docent program please contact the Museum at 315-782-3491.

House and Grounds Assistant - available hours Tuesday-Friday 10:00 am-5:00 pm. Saturday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Volunteers assist the caretaker both indoors and out. Some typical tasks include gardening, mowing, winter shoveling, trimming hedges, painting, or general cleaning. Other more artistic tasks may be available for advanced volunteers. Training is provided. Tasks may be tailored to interests and ability. For specific needs and opportunities please contact David T. Coleman at 315 782-3491 or visit the museum during normal hours.

Research Assistant - Available hours Tuesday - Thursday 10am-5pm. Volunteers in this position help the Collections Manager and/or Education Manager research historical materials for the development of programs or exhibits. Work may lead to publication opportunities for the volunteer. This position requires the use of stairs. (Volunteer Form - pdf format)

Collections Assistant - Available hours Tuesday - Thursday 10am-5pm. Volunteers in this position assist the Collections Manager in accessioning, inventorying, documenting, curating, conserving and maintaining the permanent and educational collections at the museum. Volunteers may also assist in the development and construction of museum displays. Special training is required and provided. This position requires the intensive use of stairs. (Volunteer Form - pdf format)

Standing Committees

There are also regular volunteer opportunities available through service on the following standing committees. To volunteer for any of these committees, please contact the Museum Director at (315) 782-3491 or email director"at"

Finance and Development - is charged with recommending ways and means to the Society Board for underwriting its operations and future development; and for providing internal audit control over the Treasurer. This committee plans, organizes and executes fundraising events, plans funding campaign drives, conducts internal audits, and assists the director in compiling the annual operating budget. This committee also assists the director in annual and long-range development planning.

Program Committee - is charged with recommending policy to the Board for museum programming. The committee also assists the staff in planning, coordinating, and executing educational and public outreach programs.

Collections and Museum Committee - is charged with recommending policy for the care of collections and exhibits.  This committee assists the staff in planning, researching, and constructing exhibits, and with the conservation of collections.

Buildings and Grounds Committee - is charged with recommending policy to the Board concerning the maintenance and use of Society properties. This committee also assists the staff with maintenance chores (mowing, cleaning, trimming), seasonal clean-up, gardening, and light repairs.

Publications Committee - is charged with recommending policy to the Board for advancing our mission through publications. This committee produces the semi-annual Bulletin and recommends manuscripts to the Board for publication.

Membership Committee - is charged with recommending membership categories and policy to the Board. They assist the staff in the recruitment, retention and maintenance of membership.