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Welcome to our Collecitons On-Line. The Jefferson County Historical Society collections include more than 100,000 objects, books and documents, ranging from pre-settlement to the present day and representing virtually every aspect of Jefferson County history and life. Here you'll find a sampling of items contained in our archives and collections. Each of these collections provides a unique view into the history of the North Country.

For questions regarding a particular collection or if there is a collection you would like to see on-line, please contact the Curator at (315) 782-3491.

Inside the JCHS Collections

Herbert Huested Huested Collection Herbert Huested was a prolific photographer during the early 20th century documenting people, buildings, and life in Jefferson County. The Huested Collection contains over 15,000 glass plate negatives from Huested's Studio and has been fully indexed.

Johnston Studio Johnston Collection The Johnston Studio was located in Clayton, New York and documented life and people living along the St. Lawrence River from 1864 to 1871. The Johnston Studio negatives collection contains 595 photos of named individuals, and more than 600 photos for which we have no record.

Harry Gegoux Gégoux Collection During his New York years, Theodore Gégoux had studios in Carthage and Watertown, NY. He specialized in crayon and pastel on paper; oil on canvas, artist board, and wood; and water color. His work consisted mainly of portraits, seascapes, landscapes, florals, and fruit still life. The Gégoux Collection consists of 20 portraits and 2 landscapes.

Tyler Coverlets Tyler Coverlet Collection Harry Tyler was a prominent weaver in 19th century Jefferson County who is noted primarily for his bridal coverlets. Tyler produced coverlets and rugs from 1835 until his death in 1858. We currently have 44 Tyler coverlets in the collection.

Kinne Collection Kinne Water Turbine Collection The Kinne Water Turbine Collection is believed to be the largest collection of its type in the world. The collection was designated a Mechanical Engineering Heritage Collection by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1999.