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Archival Research: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may use the Archives?
The Archives are open to the public by appointment only. Please call us at the number below or email director@jeffersoncountyhistory.org.

I have found a photograph of an ancestor in one of the online photographic collections. How do I receive a copy?
Because we must outsource the professional scanning of images, including the glass plate negatives of the Huested Collection, that fee is variable based on our current costs accrued. To date, the fee is within the $30 per image range for an electronic high resolution image to be emailed to you. Please contact the Musuem and provide them with the negative number located on the Index found in the On-Line Collections section of our website and any additional information that is listed. Because we are at the mercy of our scanning company, it may take several weeks before your request can be fulfilled. If you would like a photograph mailed to you, an additional fee based on image size will be collected.

What should I bring to the Archives?
You will need pencils and paper for note taking. In the interest of protecting the collections, pens may not be used in the archives area. Laptop computers are permitted; however, depending on the number of staff and volunteers on duty during your visit, you may be required to check your computer case along with any other bags, coat, etc. that you are carrying.

How can I find out what is in your archives?
The JCHS collection does not facilitate browsing as most of the collection is stored in archival boxes and shelved in several areas. You will need to identify the materials you wish to see by using finding aids so that items can be retrieved by archive staff. The archive staff will be happy to answer questions regarding particular collections or our holdings on a specific subject.

Can you assist me with my genealogy research?
As a general rule our collections are organized by donor/subject and have not been indexed by individual names contained within each of the collections. Virtually all of the genealogy specific collections were transferred to the Genealogy Department at Flower Memorial http://www.flowermemoriallibrary.org/genealogy.html.

May I borrow from the Archives?
No. Materials from the archives are not loaned to individual researchers. All research must be done on-site in the research area with the supervision of archive staff. Organizations wishing to borrow items from the Archives must make prior arrangements with the JCHS.

Can I get photocopies or digital images of Archive materials without visiting the Archives?
All requests for copies must be made in writing, by either letter or e-mail; we cannot accept requests made by telephone. You will be sent a Reproduction Request Form on which to indicate those items you would like to have reproduced. All reproduction must be paid for in advance and is subject to approval by archive staff based upon preservation and copyright concerns. Please see the fee schedule for approved materials below.

All material is shipped via USPS unless prior arrangements are made.

Can I reproduce or publish material received from the Archives?
The Jefferson County Historical Society maintains all reproduction rights on images and archival material, punishable by law. Material you receive and your research at JCHS is intended for your personal use only. Should you wish to publish material or images, please submit a written request to JCHS and based on the nature of the request it will be approved or denied and a fee schedule arranged.

Would you be able to tell me how much an item is worth?
No. We cannot provide appraisals or assign values. Appraisals are the business of booksellers, auction houses, and accredited appraisers.