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Welcome to the Jefferson County Historical Society

The Jefferson County Historical Society, founded in 1886, is the primary organization in Jefferson County, New York that collects artifacts, books, and documents that reflect the entire history of the county, including every geographical area and every chronological period. We preserve the history that makes Jefferson County a special place to live, work, and visit. Originally housed in the Flower Memorial Library, today the Society is located in the beautiful 19th century Paddock Mansion.

Featured Events and News

Exhibit Highlights

New York State Politicians

Textile Treasures Exhibit

An exciting new exhibit, New York State Politicians, in the Main Gallery highlights politicians of the past who have special ties to Watertown and Jefferson County.

Visit our Victorian Garden

The Garden is in Bloom here at the Historical Society and we have several exhibitions that call to mind sunshine and warm weather.

Dressed Up!

The main hallway has a display of seasonal dresses and other spring themed artifacts.

On the second floor in the Ladies exhibit room, a Pretty in Pink exhibit has a selection of pink dresses for women and girls.

The second floor hallway has an exhibit entitled Hats Off! and it consists of fabulous hats worn by men and women.


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